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I have the following 1/48 aircraft for sale:


Monogram AD-6 Skyraider - $12 SOLD

Monogram F-105G Wild Weasel - $15 SOLD

Monogram A-18 Hornet High Tech - $15

Revell Germany F-102A Case X Delta Dagger - $18 SOLD

Monogram F-102A Case XX Delta Dagger - $18 SOLD


All kits have been opened, and in most cases the inner bags have been opened as well.  Decals and instructions and all present, and the photo-etch is present in the Hornet kit.  Clear parts have been separately bagged, but likely will still have some imperfections.  Because these are not in collector-grade condition I have priced them accordingly.  I will consider offers for multiple purchases, or the for the whole lot if you're so inclined.  I strongly prefer to keep all transactions within the US but will ship to Canada if you're willing to pay the high shipping.  Payment via PayPal. Shipping will be via USPS from 84075.  Please message me for shipping quotes.  If you prefer to trade, I'm really only looking for the following in 1/48:


Academy P-38M Nightfighter


Or if you have some 1/48 US jets you'd like to offer, I'm open to suggestion.  Though I'm not a prolific seller on this forum, I've been on here for several years and have had nothing but positive experiences, so rest assured you will get exactly what you paid for.  I can also spot a scammer from a mile away, so if you are reading this post and feel like pulling a fast one, move on to eBay.


Thanks for looking!



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