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Sword 1/72 #SW72142 North American T-39A Sabreliner - Open Box Review

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Okay, the Sword 1/72 #SW72142 North American T-39A Sabreliner kit just hit my desk.  I purchased it from Hobby Link Japan (HLJ.com) and it arrived much quicker than I expected.



Box top & backside marking illustrations.




Main zip-loc bag with contents, front & back.




Clear Spure & PE / canopy mask.




Main sprue.



Additional sprues.



Decals. (Not bad! In register and tons of tiny data stencils.)



Instruction booklet (10 pgs).






















A couple of notes.  As can be seen on page 2, some parts in the parts diagram are "X'd" out, meaning these are for another version, namely the T-39D/N Naval training version. No mounting tabs are evident, so careful alignment while gluing is required.  Also, no color callouts are provided for anything except the external markings. I will have to research cockpit and wheel wells.  The decal sheet is pretty comprehensive for these two very simple schemes and are in register.  The kit looks accurate in dimensions and outline. I like the fact that the engine splitter plates are included as PE and that window masks are also included.  

I can't wait to get started and see what aftermarket decals for more colorful schemes are released.

Kind regards,



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Hi-ya, Dutch!


Thanks for the review.  It looks like a pretty nice KIT and I just MIGHT have to get one of the Navy birds for old memories sake!


Take Care,



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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Cat Barf said:

It looks like it could provide the basis of a pleasant and rewarding hobby experience. 

Shirley, you jest! 🤪 😎   

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Oh, I don't know!
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Thanks for the very comprehensive preview, look forward to following your progress!


The color guide for the Euro I option has some dubious suggedtions: the gray color is labeled as FS "34118" - should be FS 36118, aka "Gunship" Gray.  Also, I'm not certain for this type but in the standard scheme for most transport/utility types the darker of the two greens was FS34092, vs. 34079 per the instructions.  There were variations on several types, this may be one of them but reference check is definitely in order if building this version.

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On 7/4/2022 at 8:08 PM, Dutch said:

@Quixote74, I haven't verified the FS color call outs, so I will go with your FS colors. 


Well since you're going off my notes I decided I better double-check the info 🤔


There isn't a camouflage pattern for the T-39 in my copy of T.O. 1-1-4 - which isn't terribly surprising. But I did confirm my recollection that the standard Euro I scheme as worn by most transports is FS 36118 gray/ FS 34102 medium green / FS 34092 dark green.  The only official scheme that substitutes 34079 for 34092 is the F-4's version, which was unique to the Phantom and used the darker FS 36081 gray rather than 36118 (basically just subtituting 36081 for the 30219 tan areas of the Southeast Asia scheme).


In any case, while not definitive, all the photos I've seen of T-39s in Euro I appear to be the typical 34092/34102/36118 scheme - as also seen on C-141s, amongst other types.

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