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underside color He-111?

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I'm assembling an older Italeri He-111, and the painting notes say the underside wants to be 'light gull gray' which I'll need to buy.   My Tamiya paint search tells me that the suggested  color ls close to RAF 'medium sea gray', which I have.  I also have Tamya 'USAF light gray', considerably lighter than the other two, and Tamiya light gray primer. 


Any idea which of these shades of gray approximates what the Luftwaffe was using?


Or is Italeri mistaken and 'hellblau' is what I want (and have)?



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I'm not sure where they're getting gray.  AFAK, all HE 111s (except the pre-war ones) left the factory with the undersides painted RLM 65.  I very light blue with a slight greenish cast.



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