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Coastal Kits bases

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Hi folks, I have just finished my Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito and want to display it with ground crew and on a airfield just before the Amiens raid, Okay so I'm being lazy and not building my own field, but I was thinking about the large airfield from the above, has anyone had any experience with these? 


To be honest the size is the consideration in that the max size of my shelf is 12"x12" (30x30 cm) 


The alternative would be to figure out how to do a paved runway section and borrow my friends husbands 'static grass' for the field.


Open to input 



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Thanks - it was pretty simple really.  Pulled some gauze into a wispy shape then sprayed some Woodland Scenics glue on it a few times, bending and rolling as I went.  Also used a brush to paint streaks with glue then sprinkled Woodland Scenics snow over and shook off the excess.

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Another vote for the coastal kit base. They are easy to work with and provide a nice result.
I used them a few times already



Now IMHO, a runway or concrete section for an apron need textures and there's no way a printed cardboard section can give you that.

I made a few articles on how to make your own custom base with modelling products. It's much easier than it looks and IMHO gives a much better result than preprinted stuff

Have a look if you want to give it a try

Display base making of – Red Dog's models

carrier decks:

Carrier Deck Diorama: #1 Cat 2 launch. – Red Dog's models

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