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UH-1H Dust Off / Ambulance ; 237th MD / Equipment

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Dear all,


together with my Slick Huey build, I'm working on a Dust Off / MedEvac Huey.

It will be a UH-1H with markings of the 237th MD, "Curious Yellow".

As there are almost no pictures of MedEvac Hueys available I would like to ask what equipment was carried in addition to the rescue hoist and stretchers?

Any information would be highly appreciated!


Many thanks in advance and best regards



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From what I have seen/heard, it wasn't much.  Just a few medic bags, maybe a water jug, C-rats, etc...  There wasn't much care given on the MedEvac helos.  They mainly transported stable patients from the battlefield to a rear aid station/MASH.

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I've rode in them three or four times, and most had the folding bench removed.  Most had Plasma and blood thickener bottles and basic first aid, but nothing major as doctors rarely rode in one. There was always a large tub of Vasoline and some plastic squares cut out of larger bags for sucking chest wounds. Surgical tubing and hemostats were close by. A ride from the Ashau was roughly forty five minutes to DaNang, so you just have to control the bleeding and keep the sucking chest wounds sealed. Shock was the real killer just like the chest wound. Your crew had to keep the guy alert and talking to you. Doesn't sound like much, but it really was a busy place once they were on the return flight. I've seen them do a relay several times where they transfer the WIA to a second ship because he didn't have the fuel to get back in time. 


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