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ARC updates begin in 1 week...please spread the word.

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I have updated the homepage with the news. 


I now have enough free time that I can begin daily updates on ARC again.  it has been a long painful 8 months for me and I want to thank all of you for your understanding and patience.  Covid caused me to suddenly lose my job which ate through savings at a rapid rate.  Mai and I were unemployed for 1 year and this caused some serious financial issues.  For 6 months earlier this year I was working 105 hours a week to get things back on track, which left little time for sleep much less ARC.


My situation has improved and I'm only working about 70 hours a week between 2 jobs.  This will permit me to rebuild my savings and resume the ARC daily updates.


❤️❤️  Thanks again everyone...you are the greatest!!  ❤️❤️

Steve Bamford

ARC CEO and night janitor.

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  • SBARC changed the title to ARC updates begin in 1 week...please spread the word.

I think things have been tough for a lot of people all around the World, but working 105 hours a week🤯, I thought I had it bad doing 84 hours some weeks. Hats off to you and much respect.

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Hey Steve, You doing ok? Haven't seen an update or thread about how you are since this last one, or maybe I missed it. Hope you're ok man.



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