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1/72 Indian LCA Tejas Navy jet fighter scratchbuilt

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  • Badmofo changed the title to 1/72 Indian LCA Tejas Navy jet fighter scratchbuilt

From WiKi:


The aerodynamic configuration of Tejas is based on a delta-wing layout with shoulder-mounted wings. The control surfaces include three-section slats on the wing's outer leading edge while the inboard sections of the wings have additional slats to generate vortex lift over the inner wing and high-energy air-flow along the tail fin to enhance high-AoA stability. The wing trailing edge fits two-segment elevons to provide pitch and roll control. The only empennage-mounted control surfaces are the single-piece rudder and two airbrakes, located in the upper rear part of the fuselage, one each on either side of the fin.


Hard to find pictures and I think this feature is not on all models...




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4 hours ago, Youngtiger1 said:

Are those giant slats at the wing roots? I have never seen anything like it. Great work as the end result is superb and I love the test markings.

Yea they are at the wing roots for Tejas Navy version.  The LCA Airforce version doesnt have one.  Thank you for the compliment.




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