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1:32 Tornado GR.1 pilot?

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Hi, I am looking for a pilot for the Tornado G.1 kit. I have recently bought it as a gift and the recipient has asked if there’s a pilot they can get for it. I have searched high and low and can’t find one but I wanted to make sure no one here had any ideas or knew anywhere I can find one. 

ideally UK based buying

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Welcome to ARC Alannah!

I've looked previously for a 1/48 scale Brit pilot, my need was for a Harrier kit. There seems to be really nothing out there for my scale and yours. 

I ended up butchering a 1970's U.S pilot to get a close approximation for my kit. Lots of frankenstein type stuff, but I'm vaguely satisfied. 

If the recipient of your gift has no problem with accuracy, maybe check out http://reedoak.com. I'm not affiliated with them at all, but they are based out of France I think and have some amazing pilots that might satisfy your need!


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