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Mold source 1/72 Hasegawa G4M1 type 11 Betty

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Thanks to the help I received from this group, I started work on this hot mess of a kit.   Brittle plastic, thick canopies, poor detail, raised panel lines, a battleship's ration of rivets - - - I have a hard time thinking Hasegawa came by this thing in-house.  It loudly screams 'Airfix' to me.  Am I guessing right?  If not Airfix, any ideas?  



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Thanks for the British modeller links - - - and I think one of them offers a solution to my question:  One poster mentioned that the Hasegawa boilerplate-special 'Betty' I have 'even appeared in a Frog box once'.... That aging makes perfect sense to me, seeing as how crude/nonexistent the interior detail and landing gear are.   Outlines seem believable.  And I've seen no Russian reissue of a Frog Betty, which would be understandable if the molds were in Japan.  


And those weathered finishes impress the daylights out of me.  I'm in modelling's short pants compared to those. 

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The Hasegawa G4M1 is indeed a rough (& dated) kit - why Hasegawa hasn't updated it with something modern like their G4M2 kit is mystifying.


However, before you drive yourself crazy trying to beat together this dinosaur, be aware that Sword has stepped up to the challenge and there is a new G4M1 kit inbound: http://arawasi-wildeagles.blogspot.com/2022/09/heads-up-new-betty-by-sword-in-172.html



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