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LF clear part for Italeri H-19A/B Chickasaw

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Partway through building a second-hand 1:72 H-19 kit that I picked up and realized that one of the square side windows is missing from the box. 


If anyone has one from a junked kit they are willing to part with, it would be much appreciated. Italeri has multiple versions of this airframe, either #1206 or #1215 or #1267.





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12 hours ago, Rod D said:

I have a complete kit I am thinking of selling cheap.  It is the USAF float version, with excellent decals and all glass.

PM me if interested and you can use spare parts.


Rod D.




Thanks for the offer. I'd really rather not split up a full kit just for the window part though. Would be a shame for such a nice kit.



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4 hours ago, Gwen Phoenix said:

Hi Mike,

You can always get that replacement from the guys @ Italeri.

They'll ask you €6 for it.







Good to know! I did not think that was still an option. (As far as I know Revell/Monogram and Airfix have both discontinued replacement parts service).




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