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Mustang! Mustang! Mustang!

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Hi guys, everybody is mustang fans, right?

When Arma hobby P-51B comes out, I just grabbed a couple of them, despite all the to-be-kit-based Hase/KP/Academy Mustangs I have!



But I am not going to build them another day.I am building a ICM 1/48 P-51B, just take it as a warmup anyway.



As ever, the build started with the cockpit, ICM's kit referred to the Tamiya counterpart heavily, and kept the curved cockpit floor - a feature of Allison engine mustang. I didn't modify it as not much is visible through the cockpit opening. just added the cables on the radio, using the kit next to it - a HB P-51D as an example.



The IP was a clear part but without decal or any detail, so I discarded it and robbed the same part form a Tamiya kit. 



The cockpit interior had some detail parts I have heard referring to AM, but missing the oxygen hose, I used copper wire to make it.



Then it's painted.



Put the fuselage halves together, my kit parts were warped I think because the plastic were quite soft, so I had to glued from the tail - where I could align the parts- to the from bit by bit.



Now move on to the wing. I deleted the inside walls as they were wrong. I had thought to remake the parts from scratch, but then the Aires replacement arrived and saved the day!



Just pained it with Aluminum, OK!



Installed the part to the wing, it looked way better even before weathering!



Wing halves put together. I filled the panel lines and sand them smooth.



While I was working the ICM fuselage bit by bit, I built the HB kit straight forward, and it hit the paint booth first. After polishing the whole model, I painted it with Jumpwind's Super Black as primer. I always use this color as undercoat for metal finish, it's strong and proves a smooth base for the coming metal paint. I applied another polish after the paint was dried, keeping the surface smooth.



I painted the upper/lower wings with Tamiya Enamel X-11, I think it's a good color for a puttied wing. You can see the importance of polishing the whole model. 



Allowing it dry for a day, I masked the wing and sprayed the bare metal parts. I used DSPIAE's white aluminum. It's a paint that's easy to work, gives a good metal effect, dries really fast and strong.



Lower surface...



Couple of hours later, I added the heat-proved steel color around the exhaust. The basic painting is done!





Next in the line!

I did say Mustang 3 times in the title, right?



It's so far today, thanks for watching!

All comments and suggestion are welcomed!






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The next one is from Meng, with all the rivets... I airbrushed it with the same way, except replacing the X-11 with Gunze H8






Put both Mustangs together, I would say I like the one with X-11 a bit better...





Next, decal time!

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