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Tamiya 1/48th Lockheed F-35 A Lightning II-Item#: 61124

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It's certainly a Tamiya new tool, the test build really looks spot on, it is the only one so far that has picked up the strangely different angles of the pylons , among many other shape issues that previous kits all have got wrong: wing fuselage transition, very slight curved spine/top fuselage instead of perfectly straight, nose side profile... it all looks right here.


OK, it's official now.

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13 minutes ago, Solo said:

Could you be so kind and show me where there is written "new tool" there?
I can't find it, ansd I do believe I am not blind. 🙂

See Dave’s reply

When has Tamiya ever said “new tool” ?they didn’t with the announcements for F-14 or F-4 or P-38, why so adamant the F-35 is not a “new tool” 



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18 minutes ago, Dave Roof said:


So once again you're being argumentative just for the sake of it. Stop being so freaking petty.

Please try to understand what I am talking about. If you cannot, please ask, and I will explain. And please don't be so rude, ok?

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8 minutes ago, Dave Williams said:

I just asked a question about what you posted.  You questioned whether it was a new tool kit, and then you later said “I know that is a new tool kit”.  Is that not correct?  The answer is yes or no.



 Maybe too much glue?

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13 minutes ago, DanW said:

Page number 2 and no single word of criticism while it's obvious that the RAM panels are unacceptable. I guess that's why some people are questioning whether it is Tamiya tooling.

The pictures are of poor quality, but I also think the RAMs are too pronounced. Too pronounced as for Tamiya kit.

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