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David Doyle B-24 books

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I have not specifically read or even looked at his B-24 books, so take these general comments as you will....but since no one else has answered your question, here are my impressions...


Based on other David Doyle aircraft books, I have found 

his books on WWII types are largely a collection of wartime photos.

So they will be useful in showing markings and mods.

Being wartime photos, they may not all be in color.


They are not in-depth rivet-counter books.


And with a type as rare as a B-24, I would not expect a lot of current walk around photos...through no fault of his, just a scarcity of surviving airframes.


I have two 2-volume sets of his books on military vehicles (the American half track and the family of Dodge trucks) they are based on original research and absolutely first rate in content and presentation.


So my guess is he is more of a military vehicle expert than aircraft guy.


He is very personable, email him at his online store and ask him if the books include what you are looking for.

I'm sure he will reply.

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I have both volumes (bought them from Mr. Doyle personally at this year's IPMS Nationals) and just flipped through them.  Excellent modelling references, although leaning more towards the technical side, covering the different variants with lots of detail photos.  Not much on markings or paint schemes.  Volume 1 covers the early Liberators and features a bunch of walkaround and interior photos of the B-24D "Strawberry B i t c h" preserved at the USAF Museum, while Volume 2 covers the later variants and features lots of walkaround and interior photos of the Collings Foundation's B-24J "Witchcraft."  Definitely worth the money!


Nice screen name..one of our cats barfed on my foot just last night! 😸



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