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Revell SR-71-1/48 scale with LASRE conversion

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This is my first post so if I mess this up please forgive me. 
I recently completed Revell’s 1/48 SR-71 kit with BAM-Models LASRE conversion set.  I sent a few pictures of my completed model to Arnaud at BAM-Models and he encouraged me to post my work here. 

At any rate, here is my Revell SR-71.  I know it is not 100% accurate but I am happy with it. 

I used Caracal decals, BAM-Models crew, LASRE conversion and exhaust nozzles. 
I got my inspiration of building the SR-71 in-flight from Sean over at PrimedModelWorks. 


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Your model is very nicely done, one of the best I've seen.

There are a few, very small details that were unique to the SR-71 LASRE program that are easily missed. The LASRE pod had two pitot tubes, one on the very front and one on the top. There was also a pitot on the top center of the LASRE canoe and fuel vent tubes on the back.




There are also instrumentation fairings located at the bottom of each rudder base. There is one on the outside of the left rudder and inside of the right rudder.



Although not actually part of the LASRE program, this SR-71A was equipped with a GPS antenna located between the two cockpits.



Great job on the model. I look forward to seeing more of your work posted on here.

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X-Plane Fan, thank you for the information on the LASRE program.  It was one of those programs I remember seeing when I was younger and thought looked cool but didn’t really know what they were testing. 
Your photos had me go back just now and look at Bam-Models conversion kit and sure enough those pitot tubes and instrument fairings are included. I’ll have to go back and attach them. 🤦‍♂️
I’ll try and scratch build the GPS antenna with some plasticard. Should be easy enough. 

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