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This week I traveled from Arizona all the way to my birthtown of Burlington VT, to show my wife where I was born and grew up in the neighboring state.


Yesterday morning I had a royal appointment with the Vermont ANG as I donated to them my entire 1/72 collection of the 14 planes I did of their entire history from P-47s to F-35s.  Was painful to lose them, but what better place to possibly give them, than where they will be most appreciated and viewed by many?  Besides those who see them in the ARC gallery, I mean.


And boy, did they roll out the red carpet for us!  They took my wife and me to RIGHT BESIDE the runway to watch the F-35's launch for their morning missions.  We saw 6 take off while standing mid-field, then were taken to the far end for 2 more.  Those last 2 were already airborne by the time they reached us but apparently kept it low deliberately for us as they roared past us. And WOW....it was absolutely AMAZING!!!  Even my non-aviation wife was totally blown away.  What an amazing gift and honor!


Afterward when I had set up the entire model collection in chronological order, the base Colonel came to meet us.  It was my honor to walk the Colonel through the "fuzzier" history of the 50's and early 60's, during which time the unit flew P-51D's, F-51H's, F-94B's, T-33's, F-89D's and F-89J's.  I myself was born in Burlington under the protective roar of their F-102's. 


We were given additional gifts of challenge coins and a framed photo of Vermont's F-35's under the streak of the Milky Way, which apparently took about 8 photos combined to show to effect.  Finally we were given great thanks as they discovered they had friends and supporters far from home.


Oh, and next week they are bringing in someone to construct a full display case for them...and dangit, I forget for which room/building, but it will be prominent.


No photos yet, they took them and will release them pending approval. 



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Congrats Andrew!  Honor well deserved.  I hope to do the same for the NH ANG in a few years.  If I had known you were going to Burlington, I would have asked my brother to give you a tour of the Beta Technologies E-VTOL plant.

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That is an amazing story.  That is what this hobby is all about for me.  History and honoring those who were and are willing to defend freedom. :salute:


Geoff M

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MOST EXCELLENT. I was born and raised in western MA and travelled throughout my life to VT to camp and hike the Long Trail. I also watched the Hogs, A-10s, from Barnes AFB come over the mountain from Westfield to the Berkshires. Am most anxious to see these pictures as my first girlfriend was from Barton VT. Awaiting anxiously for these images!!! John

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