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F-4B VF-51: paint question

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Hi, i am currently building the F-4B from Tamiya. I plan to use the kit markings from VF-51 in 1972.

The question I have is regarding the paint scheme. Was this aircraft painted in a gloss or flat finish?




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1 hour ago, jonwinn said:

Believe it was FS16440 when painted, "weathers" to FS36440

I fully agree: gloss when initially painted, weathered to a dull(er) finish.


34 minutes ago, aircommando130 said:

Wasn't that particular Phantom named "the supersonic can opener"

cause of the bird painted on it with that beak?



Correct, an interesting read here:


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Semi Glosscoat is a simple matter of mixing the flat and gloss to your liking. “Semi” being the subjective variable in the equation, but more gloss than flat. Try 3:1 gloss to flat and go from there. 

Rick L. 

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