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'55 Chevy street machine

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I might try one of these. But do it my own way using this kit. Stock engine with race carb and air cleaner, race wheels and tires, no nerfs on bumpers or chrome Chevy emblems. Thinking gloss black with black interior.


1-25 AMT '55 Chevy Bel Air Sedan.jpg

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I have a start on this. I sanded the Bel Air molding off the body and added the hood scoop. I am going to make a Chevrolet model 150 Utility Sedan converted into a street rod. Chevrolet had 3 models in '55, the basic model 150 bare bones car, the model 210 with ash trays and rugs, then the Bel Air which was called the "mini Cadillac" with a lot of "bells and whistles". I am using the kit 265 cu. in. small block V8 with the crossover exhaust as I do not want to attempt to sand the molded in single exhaust off the chassis. Here is where I am at, engine done and body ready for a first coat of paint.


55Chevy 10.JPG

55Chevy 11.JPG

55Chevy 17.JPG

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New kit came in. I am redoing everything from scratch. I am going to use the street version, engine will have headers, body will still be black but with Bel Air molding, regular tires on front and large tires on rear.


BelAir 1.jpg

BelAir 2.jpg

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I added the suspension to the chassis, have the interior, glass added into the body and painted the top white. I also de chromed the head light bezels, tail light bezels and bumpers. I might do the bumpers white and the light bezels black like the grill and body trim.


BelAir 17.jpg

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