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F-4E Phantom II - 1/72 Fujimi kit with "hard wings"

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I finally found my "Holy Grail". The 1/72 Fujimi kit, it has the decals for Betty Lou but I also have after market which are much better register. The start. The cockpit tub is done and I added decals as there is no engraved instruments to paint. I left the seats out as I am forever breaking off the ejection handles on the seat tops. It is nice in that I can build the fuselage halves then insert the cockpit tub through the fuselage bottom.





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Good work! I remember building this very kit years ago and recall that the fit was actually very good.  Fujimi's Phantoms are quite nicely done and their Spey engined British Phantoms are, IMHO, still the best in 1/72.  They go together with less fuss than the Airfix one.


Looking forward to seeing your Phantom finished :thumbsup: Shark mouth Phantoms in SEA camo are always a treat.



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Nice mate!

I also built one some years ago as a IAF Kurnass, think the WIP's still around here in the site. Before thr FM kits was the only true alternative to Hase F-4s and in some ways even more fun and relaxing to build; remember that the seats resta bit lower if OOB.

Wait for  more update on the build




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On 11/7/2022 at 8:24 AM, jonwinn said:

In my very first post above the first thing I said was I was using after market decals. Please read my first post.

Sorry. I misunderstood you because my device only showed boxart. Good luck building. I have Fujimi's F-4D and RF-4E.

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Thanks, the fit on most has been good, I am past the tricky fits of the wings and intakes. I just added the nose gun and long barrel. I also added the nose intakes and doors over the flare boxes on the rear fuselage.


F4E 12.JPG

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