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F-35 with Unusual AIM-9X's

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Somewhat recent picture of an F-35 with live AIM-9X's.   Is it me or do these missiles have some sort of new fairing on the bottom?



Edit - I may be wrong, I just googled some other pictures.   I just never noticed how pronounced that fairing was.  That and the color difference led me astray....

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7 hours ago, Alternative 4 said:

Hl = Hill AFB a training base? Therefore radar reflectors always on?

Hill AFBs F-35s are ACC (Air Combat Command) fighters. The 4 Squadrons at Hill are all front line deployable fighters and have been sent on many deployments, most recently Eastern Europe. The reflecors are standard for use during training missions so Air Traffic Control can see them so there not issues with other air traffic. Its true they can be taken off, but on training missions where they are flying for bombing practice, its better to be seen by others.

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