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1/32 KANGNAM F-16XL "What If"

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This kit is terrible!

From what I can see, it's a badly distorted version of the XL based on the old Hasagawa F-16A kit. So... I'm going to try to fit a round peg into a square hole throughout this build using aftermarket sets that are not designed for it - None have been created.


This kit comes as Closed Cockpit only. Lucky for me, I have a couple of Hasagawa canopies in the parts box. This means I have to do some hacking at the cockpit tub.



Instrument panel hood removed for aftermarket tub. I also cut into the fuselage to accommodate the Hasagawa canopies.




Work transferred over to the intake and wheel wells. The kit's wheel well is way too short to take the aftermarket Well, and the contour of the fuselage did not match. Here the Main Well is cut longer for fit.





Here a bead of Apoxie Sculpt is added to the forward bulkhead's edge, then the fuselage parts were lubricated with water and pushed into position to press in the new bulkhead shape. Later after curing, the Apoxie Sculpt was sanded and feathered in. You can see how much filler was needed to match the fuselage's shape.




The intake took quite a while. 5 badly engineered parts (left n right sides, top and bottom halves, and a front leading-edge piece) were hammered together with glues and fillers until a great gloss white finish could be accomplished.










Back to the cockpit, Shims had to be used to get the Turtle deck in place. Since this part did not match the contour of the XL, Sculpting Dough was pressed in from the back side until it exited the front. The excess was sculpted in using water as a lubricant.






After the Apoxie Dough cures, more styrene wall details will be added and filled in to finish the back before the tub goes in. 


More to come!










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The Kangnam XL kit is a ripoff copy of a kit released by Ace and reboxed by Revell-Germany, it's a combination of the Hasegawa and Revell F-16A kits.  It's dreadfully inaccurate, as you noticed, with none of the fuselage extensions for the XL and the wing "shrunk" to fit.  The cockpit and one-piece canopy is from the Revell kit.  On the plus side you do get a parabrake extension on the tail, I don't think this is available in any other 1:32 kit.

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The OLD Black Box cockpit set does not fit too well. It's a bit small so some adjustments had to be made...


Here strip styrene and Aves Apoxie Sculpt was added so the tub fits the contour of the cockpit area.





Moving on to the Turtle Deck, I had to scratch built the extensions to add detail for an open canopy.




First, extend the deck



Then add the inner walls





Next, the outer walls



Finally, cap off the openings up front.





After everything cures, the excess styrene will be trimmed away and blended into the aircraft's skin, then filled and sanded where needed.

Rivet details were unfortunately sanded away trying to get things to fit, but I have 1/32 scale rivet decals in the decal library. 


More to come, but I'm getting itchy on getting more work done on my 1/100 scale Boeing 707 project.



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Done with the turtle deck - save a few small added wet transfer rivets and brass details.



For those concerned about what tail is going on this build... A slightly modified KASL F-16A/B tail should do it.  😉


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Phot-etch installed and replaced as well as added additional rivet and fastener details lost in the sanding process.





Prime and paint when everything fully cures.



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A little detour in the build...

Well, I dropped my KASL tail assembly. The resin they use is very brittle, but it really presents fine detail. As you can see the front tip snapped off.



Need to dig up some sculpting skills to replace it.

First, I drilled two holes and made the bottom one a trench to give the Apoxie Sculpt and anchor.





I mixed a small batch of Aves Apoxie Sculpt and worked it into the holes I drilled and applied the amount I roughly needed.



Then I refined the shape to the contours of the tail.





I'll give it 24hours to cure, then finish it by sanding and blending the Aves into the part.



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Wow, very cool project and nice work! 


IIRC, the RHAW fairing with all five aft antennas on the top of the vertical stab came out in the C/D models.  A/B had rounded fairings with two on top and two beneath the rudder. I do remember changing a lot of those later antennas because the coax cables weren't well secured and we had to add more clamps and remove the entire fairing to get at it.

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WOW, these pics do not do this justice. The contrast is nowhere near this bad in person.  Much more subtle.1207222351_HDR~2




Start working on the tub soon. Damn thing still doesn't fit right.



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Shifting my attention to the "business End" of the jet...


Preliminary basic colors applied to the parts.

The White ceramic finish of a brand-new engine.





Next, layering in the oils for the Can section... There's more to a Burner Can than White ceramic and black soot.





The Turbin/Flame holder are finished.





Can Assembly complete.



The first layering is done for the inner turkey feathers.



Black and grey soot next...



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