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1/72 Dragon Lunar Approach CSM/LM

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Pete: Thanks.  The NewWare enhancements helped a lot.  The additional brass parts on the SM and the High Gain dishes came from them.  But all in all, the SM is much easier to make look good than the LM.


I forgot to mention in the update that the SM had to be painted twice.  I was removing the masking on the white areas and noticed that I was rubbing off the Alclad Stainless Steel paint.  I had to re-mask and re-paint it and then applied Alclad clear coat over that.  That worked, plus I was much more careful in my handling the second time around.


Southwestforests:  Oh yes, I'm well aware of the CA/clear styrene interactions.  That is why I used Plasti-Zap.  I've used it on several occasions before with absolutely no problems.  It didn't occur to me that it might interact with Kristal Klear.  Lesson learned on that one!  For the beauty shots, I decided I'd shoot on a black background and then edit out the rod holding it up. They turned out OK.

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