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should a buy a scriber or a chisel

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Hi everyone, Xmas is around the corener so I am thinking to buy a new scriber (plus Su-27 /148 kit ūüôā¬† ).
While I was researching for available options, I came a cross with the term "chisel". I noticed that this "keyword" is mostly mentioned in Gunpla builds. I ended up with the following candidates:

BMC. : Way way too expensive. Like $100 per piece
dspiae: Good reviews. Also a bit expensive ($30 each blade)
Border model: Good reviews. Good price ($15 each)
Ustar set (UA-91903) : Best value for money
SAB Panel Liner
Mr. Line Chisel


My questions are:

1. Are these tools useful for scribing aircrafts in 1/48 and 1/72?  Strangely enough, from all video builds I watched, i havent seen anyone using those.

2. Anyone with experience on the above brands can share some thoughts and recommendations as to which one is the best for budget/starter?


3. Another option i consider is the UUM set (3 pieces) but the shipping costs + import fees to Europe will reach the actual cost of entire set.

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Hello. I love scribers too ūüėȬ†Gotta have a decent selection of them which i now have after many years of buying various scribers. For sure no scriber is worth $100, that`s just a load of BS. These days there is certainly a lot to choose from so you need to know your way around town. I am guessing you are after a scriber that leaves a flat surface in the groove, not a V shape like most of the 1st generation scribers did.¬†Another thing is to distinguish between a scriber and a chisel. They are not the same thing.¬†Personally i don`t like the fragile looking "thin tip" scribers which many of your links are. They look¬†like they will¬†break if you drop them once on the floor.¬†¬†


While not my favourite, these scribers from Hauler are very thin and do bend but makes for an easy adaptation onto your hobbyknife.




There is a very nice tool you should consider getting. Flying under several brands but very handy. I rescribed some panel lines on a torpedo with this tool recently to great suxxess.




As you can see they have a lot to choose from. Note these are generally called scrapers, not scribers. 




I did get a very funky looking scriber from South Korea around 5 years back. Steel X something was the name. Had the same head as this one. However it rolled off my table and onto the floor and the $20 tip broke just like that. Vaguely remember it was a bit dull when i received it. 




Mission Models from California used to make a very delicate panel scriber set, probably way around early 2000`s. I picked up several of these

sets on ebay years ago but i only use them on special occasions. Don`t even think about trying to find them anymore, lol. And i mean that, lol.




And finally i will leave you with a trace to the archives in here..






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While always trying to think out of the box, i forgot to mention that you should also look into lock picking tools which may have some similar properties.






As the saying goes, it is a jungle out there so know what to buy. Cheers.. 

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Another suggestion is why not repurpose old model files (i call them French Files, I think they have a more common name) by grinding a variety of points and edges on them

I have one ground away to an L shape on the tip 

the files are hardened steel and even broken ones can be reshaped.


Rifling files are also useful. 

Another alternative is using a broken hacksaw blade and grind that.


the best tools I have are ones where my dad ground an edge/point onto broken tools he used on 1:1 scale aircraft engines


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I use the JLC razor saw. Not only can it scribe very thin lines, it can be used as its original intent, cutting. With a little practice, you can actually scribe a straight line without any straight edge aid. There are various manufacturers make these razor saws, JLC, CMK, HQT. But serve similar functions. I think they are all interchangable also. UMM-USA carries them in stock.





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If you're going to go to UMM-USA, buy his own scribers.


I have had the SCR-01 for years, and have even sent it back to him to get resharpened.

For chisels I love all three sizes of the Trumpeter square tip chisels. Many hobby shops carry them, although they go out of stock quickly. They're great for getting into tight areas like wheel wells.



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