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AV-8B Harrier Centerline pylon pics?

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Anybody know where to find pictures of or what type pylon is carried by the Marine Corps Harrier?


I am building a 72nd scale bird and would like to include a Lantirn pod on the centerline.


Any help is appreciated,



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Are you building the Hasegawa kit?  If so, the pylon is on the sprues, part T14.  You will need to open the holes for it in the belly of the fuselage halves (they are marked as indents on the inside), and if fitting the pylon and guns you will need to cut/file a slot into the front angled section of the crossover fairing D7.  The slot should be just wide enough that the pylon can be squeezed into it, and will only be in that front section (not extend into the horizontal middle section).  You can trim off the rear of the pylon as needed for fit, it was removed from the real pylon as well so as not to interfere with the ammo crossover feed.  Last time I did it I used the following procedure:


-Tape the fuselage halves together and drill out the holes in the belly for the pylon, then glue everything together as in step 3 of the instructions


-In step 10, glue the gun and ammo pods parts E1~E4 together but do NOT glue the crossover fairing D7 to them, use it as a guide to spacing and glue the pods to the belly


-When the pods are dry, use a tiny drop of glue to tack the pylon T14 into place.  The "long" end (longer fairing before the panel line/longer distance from the locating pin to the end of the pylon) goes to the front.  Test fit D7, marking where you need to saw/file to remove plastic and clean out a slot just wide enough to allow it to slide over the pylon.  


-Once you have the slot the right width, and part D7 almost fits (it will still be hitting the aft end of the pylon and so won't go all the way on), mark the pylon where it is meeting the aft end of the slot so you can see where to trim the end off of the pylon, pop the pylon off, trim the end, test fit and when it all looks good glue T14 and D7 into place



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Domo-arigato, Lance-San!   


Thank You for the excellent info and the quick response!


I had taken the pylon off the sprues and put it in the "Not used parts" box and forgotten about it!  Glad I was able to remember where it was!  I'll definitely put the info to good use!


Appreciated it,



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