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hello everybody. i'm back aftera long absence with a question whose answer is vital in order to complete my lindberg 1/48 snark.

actually, i am puzzled by the white stripes positioning. the nice decal sheet has no numbers or at any rate a way to make out which and where the decals must be placed. being the optical markings a main feature  of the snark the problem has me stuck at  watching the box art and the decal sheet and puttting them aside again and again. frustrating to say tthe least.

all reference schematic or hint will be most welcome.

thanks in advance

best ciaos, bobo.



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I looked up the instructions on Scalemates, and the download includes a scan of the decal sheet:




This kitreview shows the decal sheet too:




Now I fully understand your problem, what a puzzle! I would measure the white stripes, cut similarly-sized paper strips, and start taping them to the model, trying to match the box photos.


Or, as an alternative, do like 'Bondo' Phil Brandt: paint it in operational colors, as opposed to test markings as Lindberg provides.





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dear rob.

thank you very much for your suggestions.

as i want to build the experimantal version for sentimental reasons -when i was a child i did the monogram snark and i loved her- the operational version is out.

i believe that your idea to reproduce on paper the stripes and see by test their positions is, although quite elaborate, a very good idea. i will give it a try.

thanks a lot and happy modeling!

best ciaos, bobo.

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