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Anyone remember the Goodies Box??

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After researching the Goodies Box that was travelling around in the past it seems that the original one died out.. Id be interested in spearheading a new one to go around. The idea was that when you recieve the box you take something and leave something of equal or greater value.  If anyone is interested in donating items to get started please pm me with the item and once we have say 15 or so items we can start the box to travelling.  How I would envision it is that the people who donate items to get it started would get sent the box in order that they donated (order of the pms I get) so they could get their turn at the box first. Thats only fair. The last person on the list of original donors would then be responsible for passing it on to the next person on the forum post who indicates they want to participate and so on.  Each person would be resposible for the shipping to the next person like last time. We would try to keep the box a reasonable size so shipping is a minimum of course.  I enjoyed benefiting from my turn at the box when I got it and would  love to help others do the same. Lets see if we can get this rolling again.. If you would like to donate something for the box pm me directly. Im open to any ideas that would make it smooth and efficient as well. 



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It was great, but got far too expensive. First we had to make it country specific as going over the borders was cost prohibitive. I am all for it, but beware. The first 5 or 20 people stock it, then some Joker keeps everything.


Sorry not to have much Christmas spirit, and lack of trust of people......but I have been in law enforcement for 33 years. I dont trust anyone farther then I can throw them. Furthest so far is 3 feet. But I was 20 years younger......

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