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50 Years ago, the final Moon Landing, Apollo 17

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It's difficult for me to believe that it's been 50 years since Apollo 17's landing on the Moon. 

December 7 - 19 1972.




The early US Space Program is my main focus in this scale modelling hobby of ours and the Apollo program still fascinates me.

The out-of-the-box thinking that got the Americans to the Moon and landing on it, the Design, Engineering and Manufacture of those vehicles plus those calculations, on a slide rule ... boggle my now, Senior's mind.


I've made more than my share of Lunar Modules and still learn something new about this unique machine. I've added 3 more to my collection in the following images ...


The Cutaway is Apollo 11 and beside it, the Apollo 12 LM in 1/48





And the Apollo 17 Lunar Spacecraft representing Apollo 17 ... 





The Apollo 17 LM, Challenger, beside the original kit item ... all those modifications make this hobby a lotta fun for me.




I'm not all that interested in the current attempts to get back to the Moon ... the energy, the commitment, the excitement, the national pride is missing. 


Nasa's schedule has slipped too many times and the risk-taking aspect is gone ... so I'll continue to live in the past and build models of these magnificent machines that landed men on the Moon ... 50 years ago this week..


Thanx for taking a peek



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Beautiful work.  The last LM I built was way back in '72 when I was a freshman in high school. (If you don't count the LEGO LM I built a couple of years ago.) Unfortunately I no longer have it.  I have some remnants of it in a scrap/spares box.


I hope mine can look half as good as yours when I tackle the Dragon LM in the near future.



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I'm with you Pete! My dad worked on the Lunar Module engines for Apollo 9 / 10 / 11

and it was a great engineering hurdle to get done by the end of 1969. I have enough stuff

from my dad to open a Apollo museum myself. Always amazing to see the detail you put 

into your spacecraft. Jack King the voice of Apollo would approve...


Cheers and Merry Christmas!


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