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1/48 Harrier GR.9 – No.1(F) SQN “What-if” Commemorative Livery

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Here’s the Hasegawa GR.7 Harrier done up in a fictitious livery to commemorate F/Lt Clowes (https://www.bbm.org.uk/airmen/Clowes.htm) and his efforts in the Battle of Britain and throughout the war generally.  While the RAF did commemorate Clowes with Harrier ZD403 for the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain, I thought that slapping JX*B on the tail of a gray harrier didn’t really do it justice.


So…I thought that I’d try and do up a harrier in the Hurricane paint scheme of dark green and brown over sky, then add larger squadron codes.  To do that I used the DN Models upper surface arctic camouflage masks, some gray squadron code letters from Kitsworld, as well as various sizes of roundels to match what the Hurricanes wore.  The bumble bee nose art is from the Lifelike Decals Hurricane sheet (48-027).


The model itself has the Aires cockpit set and uses ResKit 1000 lb bombs (painted as practice bombs) and ResKit AIM 9M Sidewinders.

Paint was mostly Mr. Color lacquers.  I kept the weathering to a bare minimum as I didn’t want to mess up the squadron codes.  Normally the harrier gets quite messy on the aft end, but I’m claiming this one is washed frequently!


A nice project – lots of masking etc but the result is much to my liking!























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