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Vfa-81 desert storm loadouts

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Hi guys,

Gearing up for a desert storm F-18c from vfa-81. I am using the bullseye sheet and I am most probably going to build 403.


They used MK83s in the war. I will be getting flying leatherneck bombs. Do I get the ones with conical fins or BSU85 fins?


There is also an early war load out they flew with an ALQ167 pod and three MK83s. Were the 2 mk83s on the same wing as the 167 or on the opposite wing? 


Thanks for the help!




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I don't remember if VFA-81 used Mk 83's with BSU-85's but do remember them dropping Mk 83 conical's once




I would think the two Mk 83's would be on the same wing as the ALQ-167 pod, made for a better asymmetric load (pod on outboard station, 2 x Mk 83 on the inboard station.


Just a heads up, if you are doing AA 403 BUNO 163484, that was LCDR Speicher's bird and was shot down the first night, so putting Mk 83's on it wouldn't be a accurate load for that bird (IIRC he went out with 3 x AGM-88's). BUNO 163477 (the new AA 403) was the replacement for 163484 so that bird was the one that carried the Mk 83's.




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Thanks for the reply as always


I would prefer a bomb load with the alq167 pod so might have to build another jet. They load out info reckons is was carrying two tanks with the HARMS and I hate building tanks! 


Conical fins for the bombs it is. 


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To clarify the load out, would i be correct with the following?


Aim-9 station 1 and 9

Aim-7 station 4 and 6

Fuel tank station 5

1 x mk83 station 7

2 x mk83 station 3

1 x alq167 station 2

Empty station 8


I have seen a photo from the sunliners in ODS loaded like that minus the alq167. But with the pod seems possibly left wing heavy.


Thanks for the help.


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