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Head swaps on Reedoak USAF last standing pilot

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We introduced some new heads on latest USAF standing figure, as we had, again, discutions about how old the captain should be.

So we have now young recruit, comfirmed pilot, high rank veteran, for all tastes (maybe not all), and to match fighter school or colonel plane or others in between. 1990s - early 2000s era





We do not make head option, as with a different neck, the collar needs each time to be modified too for a good match. So each head has his own body

and I wish all a good transition to 2023 !


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For what's it is worth, a captain should make major at 12 years in service, so 34.

(Pilots enter the service after university...at 22).

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Many thanks John for the information.

However, when I mentioned the age of the captain, it was more in relation to this : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_the_captain.

that being said, there are datas worked from USAF source, 2015 : (excludes Air National Guards, Air Force Reserve and civilians)

USAF active fighter pilots numbers by age : 

17-24 : 43

25-34 : 1,341

35-44 : 968

45+ : 83

Total : 2,435

So very young and very old are very few, it is a fact, but they exist.

The vast majority is between 25 and 44, and for 13 under 34, you have 9 over 35


At the end, modelling side, it all depends from the depicted aircraft. for exemple :

Colonel plane : an older.

Fighter school twin seater : a jounger and an older

Your model ?...


hope it helps

have a nice day !


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