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1/72 Modelcollect B-2A

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Thanks for your comments.


This is a little update, with the right landing gear bay. It is not the symetrical version of the left one, but the element on the rear wall are the same as the ones of the left bay (right part of the picture)











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this is the last wall of the rigth landing gear bay:




Now, I am beginning to work on the main landing gear bay. The pieces of the kit are presenting some troubles: the ones of my kit are either broken, twisted or badly modled ...




I have first asked Model Collect for replacement pieces but I have discovered that the rotation axis of the landing gear (the part identified with yellow arrows) is not aligned with the vertical axis of the landing gear but a little bit behind this vertical axis. I have to reduild everything. So I send an other email to Model Collect to ask them not to send me anything (I haven't had any response by the way...)


So I have decided to rebuild the landing gear system (using the kit pieces as a base).  I will use a metallic rod (clear green arrow) through holes in the wall (2 mm diameter) and Evergreen tube (pink and red arrows - the holes were made a long time ago, this strategy was a long preparation).






As I have noticed that the bottom of the fuselage has to be at 2.3 cm over the ground level, I have installed (temporarily) struts to maintain this position (yellow arrows - as well as the front landing gear, glued with Kristal Klear glue)




I have flattened the back part of the vertical axis of the landing gear and glued triangular pieces of styren (Evergreen 6.3 mm x 2 mm). The correct position of this triangle is chosen so that the triangle is in contact with the styren tube when the landing gear is in place (the half wheels are just glued with Kristal Klear too).






This is current state of the landing gear, before detailling. I have removed some part on the top of the kit pieces.




Hoping you'd like it 😉




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I carry on ... I have build a part of the structure and filled it with Perfect Putty from deluxe material (red arrows). I drilled the holes in the structure (yellow arrows) - I am sorry but I have a lack in technical vocabulary in english to give more details 😉 


Nevertheless, the triangular section (near the red arrows) shouldn't go that far on the main axis of the landing gear, but I will let it that way and I will begin the next step: the wiring 







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I carry on with the building. I have add all the piping/wiring using electrical cables, glued with cyano.

For a moment, I thought that the landing lights would have been the first pieces on the kit without any modification, but I had to fill the hole in back of the pieces (with cyano glue - yellow arrow). So, no.


For the parallel piping, I first take 7 straight wires, bend them to form a "L" shape and glued them together (red arrow). When the glue is dry, I bend the upper part of each wire for it to follow the correct path.





I think that the brake devices are missing some part and I have positionned them so that, for the observer, it looks like on the pictures of the real aircraft. I didn't represent the wiring of the brake devices up to the devices, because I haven't found enough pictural material do it properly.









I hope you'd like it





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Looks good so far. I just finished my decals. Have to do the weapons bay. I did no where near the detail you did on the LG. Please check your wings Dow warpage. I can’t stress that enough it would be a shame for you to find that problem after all this detail you are putting in it. I cannot pose mine head in because of the left wing warping.

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On 3/18/2023 at 3:09 PM, USAFsparkchaser said:

Looks good so far. I just finished my decals. Have to do the weapons bay. I did no where near the detail you did on the LG. Please check your wings Dow warpage. I can’t stress that enough it would be a shame for you to find that problem after all this detail you are putting in it. I cannot pose mine head in because of the left wing warping.


Hello and thanks for the advice ... my wings seem OK so far but I had the same trouble with the testor kit (build that I eventually abandonned)


I carry on winh the building of this kit. I have reached a step on the landing gear, even if it is not the final one (except the painting !). 


The parts with the clear green arrows are going to be connected to other parts in the landing gear bay.




This is a picture without the bottom (or top) of the bays




The bottom of the bays :




Everything in place (landing gear are glued using Kristal Klear)




The metallic axis of the landing gear (yellow arrow) and the struts to guarantee that the kit is in correct position (blacks arrows). The retraction strut (red arrow) is absent on the other side (it is just clipped)




The angles are missing for now (red arrow below)






Their is a curved black wall in the corner (piece of 0.25 mm Evergreen black sheet). I removed if for the picture below.




I hope you would like it


See you soon





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Thanks for your comments and encouragements 😉


This is the last step concerning the landing gear ! The bay door. I scratchbuild them entirely, using the Modelcollect pieces as patron. The external part is made with 0.25 mm black Evergreen sheet, not for the color, but because I don't have enough classical white ! The inside is made with 0.5 mm Evergreen too. The articulation are coming from the Modelcollect kit.




I also drilled holes in the bottom/top part of the landing gear bays for the deployment cylinders to be fixed (pink arrows)




Next step: the weapons bay






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Thanks for your comments 😉


Like the bell, I carry on (joke of the year, but only in French at Easter time).


I am currently working on the weapon bay. I will represent it empty, without the rotative dispenser. 

For the front wall, I have used the Modelcollect piece, but backward (purple arrow)

For the aft wall, I have used the Modelcollect piece, but I have suppressed all the detail (except the horizontal one) and I have covered the structure with 0.25 mm styrene sheet (yellow arrow)


The wind deflector (red arrows) have been made using the Eduard photoetched kit for Testor model as a patron. I have glued the photoetched piece on a piece of Evergreen using Kristal Klear glue, waited until it dries, then drilled the hole using a 0.4 mm drill (by hand). These pieces are going to be positionned later because their position depend on the position of the bay doors. The hooks are made as a single piece and will be positionned at white arrows level.




see you soon 




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Thanks 😉


For the intermediate wall, I first thought to use the ModelCollect piece, but it is too approximative. The horizontal part is too thick (yellow arrows) and there are two horizontal structure that should not exist (pink arrows). So I decided to scratchbuild this part (white parts ...). It is not the definite version here. The rear part of the intermediate wall is also absent because I would not be able to fit in directly in the weapon bay.




This is the intermediate wall from both side. The bloc (blue arrow) is not glued yet. 


I also show the way I have used to build the vertical structure (0.5 mm thickness). First, I have build half structures (1). Then, I glued two half structure thanks to an 1.5 mm x 0.25 mm piece (red arrow - 2). Then I put the structure (0.5 mm x 0.25 mm, blakc arrows - 3). I had trouble with Evergreen product because depending on the factory, the size is different (I think it is because some are 0.1" thick, other 0.25 mm).




For the ceiling of the weapon bay, I have decided to cut it in parts to simplify the building/painting process. I also drilled the hole in the structure.




This is the structure in place (not glued). I still have to think about the link between the vertical structures and the central part of the ceiling (green arrows) and a part of the structure didn't survive the manipulation (yellow-orange arrow). I also installed the hook on the front wall of the weapon bay.








see you






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After gluing the central structure to the vertical pieces, I completed the build, including the wiring. The small piece of 1.5 mm x 1.5 mm (green arrow) will help to finish the central structure.






I have installed the central wall in place, completed the horizontal plate (white arrow) and the aft part (blue arrow). You can see that I didn't take too much time for the end of the wiring (red arrows) considering the fact that it will not be seable in the end.




This is the central part in place (I finished the piping - yellow arrow - with solder wire) and rebuild 2 pieces of structure that didn't survive to manipulation (pink arrows).










The next step will be (a priori) the lateral walls ... but I need time to think about it (2 options : ModelCollect or Evergreen ...)





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