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First of 2023! Darth Vader's TIE Advanced X1

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While more than 90% of this was done in 2022, it was officially finished in 2023.   First week of January and I am already at 1/3 of the number of last year's completions. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png 


Darth Vader's TIE Advanced X1


There are far better kits out there, but I had the old AMT/ERTL kit from 1997 laying around.  It is supposed to be 1/36 scale.   The molds date back to 1978.  This kit has been released a gazillion times as MPC, AMT, ERTL, Revell, Kenner and others.


In summary, this is probably the worst kit I've ever completed. I honestly think it was not meant to be assembled.  

Heavy moldings





Nothing lined up


Gaps? or canyons?





But The Force made me continue.


Rescribed panel lines. You can see here the left side done, right side yet to be touched 


Tons of putty. And I mean gobs of putty!  This model has the most putty of any of my builds.










Fortunately the interior is hard to see.  Vader's figure is... maybe an approximation?




This mess of a kit was eventually forced into submission.  
I mixed my own paint using gray, sky blue and silver. It better be enough because I can't replicate that again!


The kit is almost unbuildable.  I also found out (just like George Lucas and his team did in 1976), photographing these is quite a challenge.  The movie guys made the right call using a very light blue in their model because with the black background, it looks more silverish and metallic.  Had to take pictures in different backgrounds trying to get it right. At the end, I used white background that was darkened in Photoshop.
Pretty much box-stock but I added the 4 exhaust ports with scratchbuilt aluminum tubing rings. Gobs of putty were required for this project.  This ship only appears for a few minutes in the original movie.  I took a few artistic licenses but always trying to stay close to the original.  Light weathering. 

After a six month battle, this is the end result:
Darth Vader's TIE Advance X1

Laser blasts and stars courtesy of Photoshop
















Hope you like it.



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Awesome job on this. I've heard that the molds on this thing are getting pretty out of shape, that's likely the cause of so many issues. But you wrestled it in to a great build. 



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Yes, really good work correcting all of the issues with that kit - it looks great! And adding one more release to your list, Round 2 has it now, and they have made some improvements, including to the Darth Vader figure, but it still has many of the same original issues you had to fix.

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