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G’day all, I’m going to start the new year with a new build, and it’s my favourite aircraft, in my favourite markings. F-14b from vf-103 jolly Rogers.

For this build I’ll be using the awesome Tamiya F-14a carrier launch kit, and converting it into the b model. I don’t think this will be too hard to be done, I have the reskit GE exhaust set, and the kit has the correct fairing for the ge engine. The correct chin pod is included, and I’ve ordered the eduard brassin cockpit for the f-14 a late, which is correct for the b model. 
The only issue I know of the the front of the engines as shown below.

My fix was to use a spare part from a 1/32 hornet, and I think it’s not to bad!



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I’d also got going on the intakes and some othe bits and pieces whilst waiting for the cockpit to arrive. But as it’s been stated before, this kit does just fall together, it’s an amazing kit, and so far, a very enjoyable build!

The only issue so far with the kit was one side of the intakes ere missing some panel lines, a simple rescribing job, and I was happy with the results!


Thanks for looking!




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