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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to draw your attention to a new product of mine coming up that's the result of a considerable development effort. It's a full brake chute set for the Revell SR-71 in 1:48.

The set comes with the (3D printed) open chute bay set I had released already, but with s small modification to accept the mounting pin of the shackle assembly. There is the lower riser bundle and shackle, cast in resin with a carbon fibre rod inside for stability. There is a riser fan-out piece with 44 holes to thread through the individual riser lines and then of course the big, one-piece 3D printed chute canopy itself. The canopy is printed in elastic resin that makes it not only resilient but also allows for a certain "sag" or bend that the real ones exhibited. The set also includes three thin carbon fibre rods and other material to make the 44 individual risers lines (but the modeller has other options...). The set is rather large, about 50cm from shackle to the top of the canopy.

The set is now open for pre-orders on my website. Shipping will start sometime in March. Chutes are being printed right now but the number in the batch depends on the number of pre-orders.







Link to the web shop:





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Nice one!

Love the chute!!!!!!!!  But who has space for it (as well as the actual Blackbird kit) in 48th scale??????????

The only think I dared to build was a 72nd scale chute from photoetch for an F-4 Phantom. 


Good luck with the product!


Best regards



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2 hours ago, kellyF15 said:

That looks amazing! Have you done a test build yet?

I have and keep exploring more and better options for materials and assembly. The dental floss is the best scale representation for the riser lines but it's rather difficult to rig as it's not stretching and wants to curl up on itself. Currently, I'm testing a number of stretchy materials to find the best recommendation.

I also found out that the carbon rods don't glue wel with CA glue. I found the best way is to "tack" them in place with a tiny bit of CA and then secure the joint properly with 5min epoxy. All this will make it into the instructions or even as a material addition to the set.

One thing that was clear right fromt he start (or even before) is that the chute will need a support prop. Either a thin bit of steel rod(s) or a clear one. The resin riser bundle holds up due to its carbon rod (provided the chute bay is gued in really well with epoxy) but it's also safer to put a thin support underneath.


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4 hours ago, Spruemeister said:

Most images I see show a kind of a crease on the lower side during roll out.  Any way to simulate that aero induced feature?


Rick L.

The chute canopy is printed in a flexible material and is (reasonably) thin, just thick enough to ensure good printing and structural integrity. As you will need a support prop under it anyway this will automatically induce a little deformation due to sag. Perhaps not as extreme as in some pictures (a proper kink or fold-in), but a gentle cardiod shape.



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