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Monogram 1/48 F-86D Sabre

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Greetings ARC!


This is my first completion for 2023. This kit was a blast! If you do not have this kit, get one. If you do have it, build it. If you've built it, build another! Mine was a bagged kit that I picked up at a swap meet. It included a set of resin wheels, but I didn't use them. Everything is OOB except for the markings. They're a mix of spares, kit and Eagle Strike decals. Paint is Alclad for the NMF. Everything else is MM, Testors "little square enamels", and AK Real Color lacquers. My references showed that these airframes were kept pretty clean, so the little weathering I did was a wash using Flory's water based products. 


I used a little artistic license on the drop tanks. I've seen various photos of early jets that had their drop tanks decorated. The kit's sheet included some decals for a fin flash and canopy rail markings that included starts. I cut the stars from the kit's decal sheet and added them to the painted tanks. (I like the way they look, and that's what's important, right?)


Anyway, I think it's another solid 3-footer to add to my collection. Allow me to share some photos...




















Thanks for looking. Feel free to drop your two cents into the bucket. Comments, questions, and criticisms are welcome, as usual.




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Beautiful work on your SabreDog. I've got one in the stash, but havent the nerve to do a NMF/Dope finish. Yours is excellent. 
I would like to do a Tn ANG jet from the 151st FIS/134th FIG, but no decals exist. 


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First of all, thanks for looking. I appreciate your compliments, ARC.


25 minutes ago, rightwinger26 said:

...What did you use for clear coat?


For the clear coat(s), I used Tamiya X-22 pre- and post-decals, then sealed everything with a final coat of Testors Dullcote lacquer. Hope this helps!




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