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1:48 EF-4C Phantom II (Tamiya)

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@A-10 LOADER, @Mr.Happy…many thanks for following this absurdity! And thanks for your patience too. I usually wait until I have an update before acknowledging others’ responses, simply as a way to reduce bandwidth and keep the thread more concise. 

Piece by Piece, Bit by Bit…









The MLG bay work continues; slow but steady. While tedious and time intensive, I actually find this kind of labor enjoyable. That said, I’ll be happy to clear this hurdle! 

Thanks for watching.




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Rich, very inspirational work you're doing here. Tedious and time consuming, yes, absolutely, but the rewards are so worth it! Can't wait to see more of this magic, especially since it's in 48th scale, and if I remember correctly your preference is 32nd.



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And this is why I build out of the box. I've always thought there were three levels of modelers; assemblers, builders, and craftsmen. Very, very few modelers are at the craftsmen level. You sir, would be one of them. Absolutely beautiful work.

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Posted (edited)

@wardog, @A-10 LOADER, @BuNo02100, @crackerjazz, @Darren Roberts, @BillS


Thanks very much for leaving behind such kind comments…much appreciated!


Work continues on the wheel wells: most of the structural elements are complete; raised rivet detail is next - luckily, I built up a small inventory of Archer Fine Transfers resin products before they closed shop; and, finally, I’ll install the rat’s nest of hoses, tubes and wires that run throughout this area.

I’ll have more to share before the end of the month.


Thanks for watching and, once again, thanks for taking the time to post comments.




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