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Thanks Steve, took your advice and posted a picture and saved.  Then I edited and added another picture.  Ditto to add text.



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WOW, beautiful work Geoff !!

Now for your next update, try adding text to your pics just like you always have done in the past. This is what I've had to do in the past whenever I received that "Internal Server Issue".


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Afew shots of my progress.  This is a really nice kit.  Everything fits well and has good detail.  It is giving Z-M a run for its money.









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Right now I am able to post pictures and then come back and add some text.  The gap Between the upper and lower fuselage disappears after clamping.




Clamping the wings made sure there weren't any gaps in the wheel wells.



Outer wings fit perfectly.



Lower fuselage ready to attach to upper.



Nice clean joint after gluing and clamping.  Panel in the middle is an panel that can be left off if desired.  It fit well.  Slight buffing with a scuff pad will make it look fine.



The 4 braces added to the intake ramps.  Lots of trial and error to get these adjusted correctly.



Dry fit of the intakes



Dry fit of the intakes.  This is usually a trouble spot on phantom kits for me.  This look like drop fits.



This kit has been a pleasure to build.  I am trying to show areas that would normally be troublesome.  Thanks for watching.  More to come. 

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Nice update Geoff, kit coming together nicely. I like how you added the braces between the intakes and the fuselage, a curious omission from Meng. I can appreciate what a challenge it was to get them aligned properly!



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Another update, Catching up after the last few days.  This is where I am at right now.




Fuselage to wing joint.  No gaps or filler needed



Upper and lower fuselage seam disappeared.  The chin pod literally snaps into place.  I glued the windscreen and the small section between the canopies in place.  The canopies themselves are just snapped into place secure enough for painting.  Later I can mount them open.



Intake seam has just the slightest step at the top otherwise it fits very well.



Seam at the rear fuselage is on a panel line.  No step.



Again intake seam is on a panel line and fits flush and smooth.



Fuselage wing joint.  The slats are optional positions.  Again another snap in place fit on the inner slats and a well designed attachment for the outer slats.



Optional positions for the flaps and ailerons. 



I am going to mount 3 tanks, a Standard ARM and a Shrike and 2 Sparrows.  This should go with my time frame of a mid 80's F-4G



Thanks for checking it out.





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It's interesting watching the Meng kit come together.  Thanks for showing us the build process.  I'm curious to see how the decals fit the Meng kit.




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I am really liking this kit.  The fit is very good, detail is excellent, the way the kit is designed makes it go together very precisely.  On to the update.  I have finished painting the plane and have been working on the things under the wings.  Decals are the next big thing on the list.



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Latest update.


Started the decal process using a mixture of the kit and Speed Hunter Graphics latest release for the F-4G.  These are excellent decals and fit this kit perfectly.   I used the kit decals for the walkways.  After looking at them for a while I decided they are not right.  You will also notice that the star and bar is on the wrong (right) wing.   A couple of problems to fix!



I was using the kit instructions to do the general markings and stencils.  If you look close they have the star and bars on the wrong wings.  Unfortunately the SHG doesn't provide a top and bottom view for decaling.



I carefully masked around the walkway decals and repainted them with a darker gray.  I used Tamiya Nato Black.  That looks better.  Then I soaked the wrongly place decals with warm water and scubbed them with a stiff brush until they started to lift.  They eventually came up but were destroyed in the process.  Fortunately, there were more of the same on the SHG sheet.  I touched up the paint where they were and put the new decals on the right correct wings. 





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I am having trouble posting again.  It won't let me add anymore text to my last post.  Anyhow, Meng supplies a nice set of decals for the wing pylons and weapons.  I scrounged up a pair of CBU's to round out the weapons load.  I just need to add a few small parts and touch up some paint.  Then I will add a panel line wash and this one will be ready for a final flat coat.   OH YEAH!  I almost forgot I still need to do the ejection seats, DOH!

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Great looking F-4G...really!  I have both this kit, and the Zoukei-Mura F-4G, and am looking forward to building both.  If either of mine turns out as nice as yours, I'LL BE THRILLED! 

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