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B-26K Wheels, now released

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Hi everyone,

this is my first prop-related release!

Correct B-26K Counter Invader wheels for the ICM kit, 1:48.

All CAD designed from accurate measurements, photos and manuals and 3D printed. The axle holes are designed to be a direct fit to the ICM kit, also correcting the alignement and centring of the wheels in relation to the gear struts.






The tyres are subtly weighted and bulged.


Direct shop link: https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/b-26k-wheels


I hope you'll like this product.

Many thanks!!




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I'm not sure if you want to, but I think adding a 6 and 8 gun nose replacement could be a good idea. Vector created the first nose set, but they barely had it released, and then Russia invaded Ukraine shutting that supply down. Another gentleman was selling 3D printed sets recently from Facebook, but he has decided to stop production to focus on new projects. His files can still be purchased, but you have to know someone with a printer. 


The kit could also use a massive upgrade in props, although the K's aren't as bad as the B's & C's.


Gorgeous wheels btw! I look forward to grabbing a set along with a few F-4 pieces. 

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