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I didn't know they ever made one.  When I did a model of my wife's C-130 I had to make one out of either wood or layers of plastic I glued together.  It wasn't that hard, try it.  For all I know, I might still have it in my spares area.  I also did the flight deck area as well as the aviaonics bay and some of the cargo area.. 

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21 hours ago, Ollie 1701 said:

I need to know if anybody will to part there C-130E/H SKE ( Station Keeping Equipment ) pod in 1/48. I need one for a H model Hercules. This is for the old Testors kit. Thank you.

Im not quite sure what parts you are asking for there buddy.

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The SKE dome was black on the SEA painted C-130E/H and was on top the airplane almost in

line with the crew door/ just aft of the forward overhead escape hatch. It was painted gray when

the Herk went to gray paint. It allowed the airplane to see itself and 3 other aircraft in the formation.

 So in big formations it would show the airplanes around you and help you keep your position.

Most we flew was  3 ship in the MC-130...no SKE...all visual looking out the front and both

paratroop doors. 



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