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1/144 Royal Navy F-4K Phantom FG1 (modified Academy F-4F Phantom kit)

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I did a modification of an Academy F-4E Phantom kit into a RAF F-4M Phantom FGR2 with 92 SQN markings some years back. I thought it would be nice to complete my British F-4 Phantoms builds in having a Royal Navy Phantom. I used the 1/144 Academy F-4F kit from my LHS to base my build on. The many hours of surgery on the kit with scratch-built parts added along with the filling and sanding down finally paid off.  


Quite happy with the finished built. A fairly decent looking F-4K Phantom FG1 XV890 001/R operated by 892NAS. 


Enjoy the photos.


S K Loh












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7 hours ago, AD-4N said:

I can tell that was a boatload of work in that conversion.  

Thank you. Yes indeed it is quite a lot of effort but the satisfaction comes with the completion of the build for me. Cheers

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4 hours ago, wadeocu said:

This is rather special!  I really like the display - stand and all! 


Can you tell us more about how you made the base? - Jack



PS - How about an 809 Squadron Buccaneer to put next to it:



Hi Jack. The display base is a off-the-shelf display box from a Japanese merchandise store Daiso in Singapore. They have expanded and have located in US and Canada (more in the States). I then searched for whatever pics and info on the aircraft I am building and have them printed on decal paper. Then comes the laborious part. I had to apply several coats of Future to give a pretty smooth finish. Light sanding down may be required in between. Then finally finish off with a polish. For the post, I simply use a plastic S hook, cut it to length drill and insert guide pins using 2x5mm wires and glue it onto the base.


Thank you for your suggestion of a 809 SQN Buccaneer I will have to keep it open for the time being. Best regards.

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