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I’ve been working on Meng’s 1/48 F-4G for a few weeks.  Overall it is a very nice kit.   I picked up MCC seats, Flight Oath resin AGM-88s, and downloaded the file from Doog’s Modeks and printed the part for the back of the WSO’s instrument panel as well as printing AIM-7s 








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Making progress.   The Meng kit has raised lines on the heat shield which have gotten some criticism but it does make depicting the heat staining easier than on any other Phantom kit.   I used AK Extreme Metal Jet Exhaust and since it is enamel over MRP lacquers mineral spirits wiped it off the raised areas.   

I am using Flight Path Resin AGM-88s and LAU-118s.   It took some surgery to get the sway braces to look okay, but the LAUs are fantastic.   




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3 hours ago, A-10 LOADER said:

She's coming together nicely. I'll be using a set of the Flight Line Resin HARM's and rails for mine when the time comes.


The rails are really nice.   The missiles look good but the way the fins attach mean they are extremely fragile.   Plus they don’t come with decals, which isn’t an issue if you are only using two since the kit has decals but if you use four then you have to get more.  I’m using Two Bobs decals for mine.   

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Some more progress on the Meng F-4G.   The panel behind the pilot I printed from a file from Doog’s Models and added some lead wire.  

One drawback for the Meng kit is the lack of a one piece canopy, but the canopy fit is good so if you want it closed it will fit.   Mine will be open though.  

I put primer on the landing gear.  It’s okay, I’m not thrilled about the test fit of the main gear, it is loose so it will take care getting it aligned.   

I received a box full of stuff from Ukraine a couple days ago including AIM-7Ms.   They are really nice, at first I wasn’t thrilled about the separate fins but it will making painting so much easier than the ones I printed.




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14 hours ago, jmel said:

Great job!!  Speed Hunter Graphics decals?



No, they are a mix of the kit decals, Eagle Strike and some from the Meng F-4E.    The Speedhunter sheet came back in stock after I started decals or I would have bought it.   

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6 hours ago, kernsc said:

I used that Eagle Strike sheet years ago the Hasegawa kit.  Your's looks way better.  What did you use for your final flat / dull coat?  It's fantastic.

I used Gunze GX113.  It was the first time using it and I really like it.   

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REALLY nice F-4G!  Great build, and super paint work!  I have this one and the Zoukei Mura F-4G in my to-be-built pile, and really looking forward to it.  I hope mine turns out even close to as nice as yours! 

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Awesome build!  Gotta love the "You Gotta Be Shitting Me" weasel on the fuselage... 🙂  Always puts a smile on my face.  Built one of these a few years back, got it published in Fine Scale Modeller 🙂


Can't resist the WEASEL!



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