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Flying leathernecks canopy masks

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Hi guys,

Hoping Dave sees this.


I have bought some flying leathernecks canopy masks. 

Million dollar question, it says do not leave masks on for extended period of time. Anyone know how long is too long? I use the canopy to help mask the model and the masks will probably be on for 2 months. Is this going to destroy things?


Cheers for the help.



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When I initially created the mask line, I was using regular Oracal 651 (black), which is designed to be used for signs, etc. After a couple of weeks, it tends to become more difficult to remove. However, I switched to Oracal 810 (a thinner medium gray-ish and partly transparent color) a couple years ago and it can be left on a little longer with no issues. However, if you leave it on for a couple months, it may leave a little more residue upon removal. Fortunately, the residue can be removed by taking new tape and 'tapping' it.

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