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My father stated his coast guard career as a hu-16 crewman in mobile, later finishing his degree and becoming a pilot on hh-52’s. I’m recently back into the modeling hobby, and am hunting a 1/48 or larger scale 52.  I swear I read somewhere that there was a conversion kit for another airframe but for the life of me I can’t find it.  Am I crazy, or can someone point me in the right direction?  I’ve seen the 1/72 resin kits from whirlybird and unicraft, but that’s not what I have in mind.  Any help would be appreciated

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In 1/72 you can get one from Unicrap, I mean Unicraft.

Lager scales there are some nice mahogany ones that maybe less expensive that making your own up.

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Check out the ScaleMates link here for scale kits and decals.  The old ITC kit was 1:50 scale, and good luck finding one;  occasionally available on evilbay for ludicrous prices.  The WhirlyBird kit is 1:72. Sadly, WhirlyBird ceased operations last year. 


You could post a "want ad" in the Sales sub-forum of ARC Forum or keep checking evilbay.  You might also check some of the European online model stores for the WhirlyBird kit. 


@hemspilot makes a good point about buying a pre-built mahogany display S-62/HH-52A.  You can probably request a custom serial number and station as well.  You may find it quicker and cheaper.


Thank your Dad for his dedicated service from all of us at ARC Forum.  Semper paratus!




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I am currently building a 1/8th scale HH-52A from my own drawings. I have used photos and the flight manual to design the model. The attached PDF is a copy of the CAD drawing. It is still a work in progress as I use it when working on the model.




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I don't think you can convert anything to a HH-52/S-62.

While it's basic shape looks like a H-3/S-61, it is much smaller, and as Dutch points out, the rotors are from a H-19/S-55, so you can't use the rotors from that.


If your want  just a display model, your best option is to get one of the painted solid wood ones from the Philippines. Many will even finish it in exact markings. It will cost $300, but that's close to what you'd have to pay for an unbuilt ITC kit.

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