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F-4 Phantom II , Experts, please help.

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Hello friends,


 Can someone please, tell me what is these two parts near wing root? I have marked it on photo. And, does anyone have any close view of specific detail , so that I can make that part for my model kit.

 Thank you.

Snimak ekrana (387).jpg

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Camera fairings.   I used to work D's E's and G's.  The D's had these but not all of them.  One  (the starboard one) has it's flat-pane looking forward and the port one looks aft.


That may be a Navy B model? 

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Strike cameras. Port facing aft, starboard facing forward. Sitting on the panel where on Navy Phantoms the catapult hooks were.

The Zoukei Mura F-4E kit has them in the kit, a slightly more accurate version is contained in my F-4E slat conversion set (for the same kit).

The best close-up detail references can be found in this book: http://eagleaviation.gr/work/rf-4e-f-4e-phantom-ii-phantom-under-the-skin-vol-ii/


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