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Just want to say 'Hi' to the ARC community

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Boy it's being a while with life and then covid life and then post covid life. Now with this life of increasing inflation and dwindling income, I still enjoy the hobby except at a much, much smaller scale, no pun intended, to the point of not being able to build any kits other than pre-covid paused builds. Stalled due to time and hacking them up to make them more accurate. Well more accurate in shape than in the number of rivets. 😄


I hope everyone is doing well and I just wanted to update on myself and say 'Hi and I haven't completely abandoned the hobby. Well not yet.". 😄


Cheers everyone.

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Hi. I'm a bit of a stranger here myself.  This place is a lot quieter than the old days, but still well worth visiting.  I do try to spend more time building than on the net but it's a struggle. 


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Hey there. 🙂

Have been doing more modeling in the railroad, space, sci-fi, realms than aircraft in recent years but do have some aircraft projects seeing occasional bite sized bits of progress.

Yesterday I discovered how rusty you get after having done almost zero airbrushing for several years in a row. 😲🤔

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