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Wrapped up the SLUFF earlier today. She's not a contest winner but, a respectable build. Thanks to everyone who followed along and, enjoy the pics.


Part 1















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Posted (edited)

Part 2

I made a typo mistake on the dates here, they should read 1986-87. :doh:




























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On 3/20/2023 at 8:34 PM, Drifterdon said:

Fantastic finish on your SLUF Steve.  She certainly looks like a contest winner based on pics.  

Ditto what Don said.  But really, you would need to display her on her back or place her on a mirror to show all the detail put in on the u/c and pylons.  They look real!  

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Da SWO, Geoff, Dutch and, Bastian D, thank you guys for the nice comments, much appreciated.

Bastian D I really don't use panel line wash except on a rare occasion, in a certain area. Doesn't fit the "scale effect" in my opinion.


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22 hours ago, aircommando130 said:

Gorgeous! Now...that picture of it with your F-117!



Here ya go brother. The 117 was completed way back in January of 1998. She was my second completed model after getting back into the hobby.




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