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1/48 Tamiya P-47D "No Guts No Glory"

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There is something a bit intimidating about checkered paint jobs, but I love these markings from Thundercals and am excited to finally be building this kit.  Just getting back into the hobby this winder after a near 15 year hiatus.



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Well, I buggered up the 3rd and final checkering decal for the cowling.  I was SOOO close to having it on correctly but things spiraled out of control.  So, I've got a note out to Norris if he has any partials he can sell.  


Anyone have the right cowling, Type B checkering decal they can spare from Thundercals 48-006? Of the five subject on the sheet, No Guts No Glory is the only one that uses that decal.

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I'm in luck, Norris at Thundercals happens to have an extra cowling decal on a partial sheet and is hooking me up.  Excellent customer service!  So, hopefully I won't mess it up again and can finish off this cowling.  I takes three decals, a top, left and right, and I already have the top and left side on:




In the meantime, I got the cockpit finished and was then able to join fuselage halves, get the wings on etc, such that now it's ready for paint.  I know this kit has been out for near 20 years, but after a 15 year hiatus from the hobby, this is my first time building it.  What a great kit!


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OK, so finally picking this back up and making progress.  My second attempt at the 3rd nose cowl check decal also botched!  So frustrating!! Then work and life got really busy.


On a sad note, the owner and creator of ThunderCals, Norris, passed away last year.   https://thundercals.com/in-memoriam-norris-graser/


Norris' son was able to sell me one more sheet with checks, though, and I finally got the decal on.  Not perfect as I ended up with a slight gap at the bottom of the cowl.  Totally my fault as the decals are perfect.  Honestly, next time I do something like this, I'll likely slice the left / right cowling decals in half so I can work in smaller sections.  If you are intersted in P-47s, I suggest you pick up some sheets from ThunderCals before they're on gone.  Exceptionally well researched and fantastic instructions.


While masking for the invasion stripes I swore off ever doing that again, but removing the tape gave me a lot of satisfaction in how it's coming out, so I recanted.


Painting has been with Vallejo Model Air, 71.324 BS Dark Green and 71.273 Ocean Gray, all painted over Aluminum



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