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hi Forum thank you for accepting me.I hope to build a near perfect Sikorsky S92 to memorialize Irish Rescue 116 which crashed with total loss of its crew.This kit does not exist so i have build it from maybe two similar helicopter kits.I am looking for advice how to start my project.Thanks Bill.

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Good luck in your effort. This is how I would approach it. First is to decide the scale or maybe that is decided by what kits are available to be used. Next is to locate some plans if possible but more likely lots of images from different angles. Next is to find  two distances that can measured, like a side window and maybe the sponson. It’s easier to ask a company (CHC etc) about some random item than important or adjustable parts like a landing gear. If you have access to a real aircraft even better to measure yourself.  The photos can then be scaled to the be the same this way measurements can be taken.  Now you can draw/sketch out profile views and compare kit parts seeing what is to be kept within your tolerance and will have to be built or burrowed from other kits. For instance if you use Blackhawk rotors you have to extend the blades about 2’. 

Hope that helps.

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