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Not really but many parts could be used in place of the KMC set.  Just putting this out there for informational purposes -> From memory there were 3 KMC sets for the Monogram F-8.

1) The raised wing/ drooped surfaces set that can be easily substituted with the HighFlight set.

2) The cockpit with seat. (True Details bought the KMC molds and for while they sold the cockpit (with seat) under thier label.)

3) A third KMC set that had the raised wing/ drooped surfaces set, the cockpit parts WITH PHOTO-ETCH details for the front of the raised wing, canopy sills, gunsight, burner petals and wing-fold details.


I >think< the KMC/True Details cockpit is easiest to find and KMC photo-etch hardest to find. 


Mind you, this is all from my memory and I remember being taller, faster, stronger and better-looking when I was younger, too. ;-)

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There was at least one more KMC set - the landing gear correction set that included the ventral

airbrake in front of the main landing gear. It fixed the "sit" of the main gear like the Cobra and

S.A.C. sets.




Found that one in a shop in Tampa 25 years ago and incorporated it into my build back then.

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