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This is a 1/144 Eduard kit in a plastic packing. I had been wanting to get hold of a Mig-15bis to complete my built of a specific event that took place on 16 Apr 1953 during the Korean War after having built a F-86F Sabre flown by Capt Joseph McConnell. I had hoped to complete my build to post on 16 Apr to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the event but unfortunately I overran my schedule as the built was not an OOB effort.  


The kit is well define with good details. I had only to make minor additions and modification as well as markings to make it into a Mig-15 bis bearing the bort number red 393 flown by Capt Semyon A. Federots on that eventful day. During the engagement, Capt Federots managed to shoot and damaged Capt McConnell's F-86F. Capt McConnell was able to control and maneuvered his crippled aircraft to engage and in turn shot up Federot's Mig-15bis. Both aircraft were lost and both of them survived the incident. It was Federot's sixth kill while McConnell chalked up his eighth kill.


As for the build, I added the pilot and did some touch-up for the cockpit. I thinned down the wing fences with a thin modelling file for a better look. I added the radio altimeter antennas on the underside of the wings as I understand it from info found. I drilled out a 3mm hole to create the landing light lens located on the underside of the port wing. I added a plastic tube to the tail for the burner can. Had the original pitot tube replaced with a thinner bristle. Lastly I decided to cut out the air brakes and scratch-built one to have it in a deployed mode as the F-86F I built earlier came with this option (hence the overrun). Had it painted in camouflage colours. Added the radio aerial cable using rigging line.


Enjoy the photos. Best regards.


S K Loh




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4 hours ago, kellyF15 said:

That is AMAZING for that scale......


Hi kellyF15. Thank you. I just realised that I did a typo error in my text. I missed out the decimal point on the drill-out for the landing light. It was a 0.3mm drill bit I used. Then used a very fine jewel file to create the recess hole. Cheers



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