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F-16 ADF with the new Kinetic kit

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Both correct IP and spotlight is included in the kit. Otherwise missing the birdslicers as already mentioned, but it does have the buldge on the tail. Also missing the 501-launchers for the Sparrow. 
The birdslicers are not necessary depending on timeframe as not all had them in the beginning. The rest is needed. 

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I know and agree. I also think the sway braces are a bit small, but haven't found any photos to correct. When compared to the 501's from Wolfpack-D, they appear to small atleast. Hope someone who knows can verify which is closest or correct? 


I have 2 sets of birdslicers from the earlier A/B model, so well provided for when it comes to these. Some argue that they are too thick, but will work for my purposes. 

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18 hours ago, Nathant said:

No antennas for the nose or bottom of the intake, also missing correct instrument panel?, how about proper chaff/flares? Spotlight?

An updated already applied from 48133 boxing RSAF which include the ADF IFF parts 

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